Protects your high heels from damage caused by sinking into grass, cracks or any soft ground
* No more sinking into soft ground.
* No more ankle-twisting from side walk grates and cobblestones.
* No more scratching on wooden floors.
* No more heel damage
  How It Works
Narrow heels sink because they carry your body weight on a tiny point. 

Heel Protectors make this point broader which then spreads the pressure to prevent your heels from sinking. 
 How It Stays On
Simply pop your heels into the Heel Protectors and the eco-friendly material will grip tightly, which means you do not have to glue them on to your heels.
You can put them on and take them off conveniently, as many times as you like. 
Narrow ~ for 6-8mm heel width (thin heels)
Classic ~ for 8-11mm heel width (standard heels)
Wide ~ for 11-14mm heel width 
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