We believe great photography will enchase the sales of your products as shoppers gets inspired by beautiful images. And it will also help to build your brand and emphasises on your amazing products.

Pictures can be taken outdoors or indoors, on location or in a studio. The below is our guideline to ensure some consistency.

  • Product image size must be 600x600pxl (dimension for web)
  • Store banner image size must be 800x200pxl (dimension for web)
  • Logo image size must be 185x185pxl (dimension for web)
  • All images must be clear and cannot be blurry
  • Please name each image file accordingly before uploading for SEO optimisation
  • Lighting must be as natural as possible so the product won't loose it original colour. It cannot be over exposed. However, lighting can not be too dark either. 
  • Don't over edit or add unrealistic/harsh filters.
  • No borders, collages, black & white images, or watermarks are added.
  • We recommend shooting 2 to 4 image options for each product showing different product angles and styling options.  
  • No flat shots, pack shots or mannequin shots. Products must always be shot on a model or beautifully displayed.
  • One model per product is recommended.
  • Feature your product alone, don't mix it with other items that you are not selling.
  • Do not use other people or brands images! You must own the shots you upload.  

Product approval will predominately be based on the images, if we do not approve your images then it cannot be sold on Shop No.2!