Gold Reptile Double Bracelet - Shop No.2


Gold reptile bracelet with stainless steel magnetised clasp, 54 cm or 57cm in length. Wraps around your wrest three times.

  • Real calf leather
  • Magnetic lock

With Endless Jewelry you are free to choose from unlimited variations to design your individual and unique piece of jewelry. All single Endless elements are compatible. You may, therefore, compose and rearrange your jewelry with regard to colour and design any time according to your wishes.

Nothing limits your creativity for the Endless Jewelry bracelet - varieties are literally Endless! You may start immediately to turn the bracelets into your personal piece of jewelry by fashioning them with charms all made from sterling silver, some in gold, rose gold or trimmed with gem stones.


1) Choose the bracelet you like best

2) Pick your Charms 

Happy designing and Endless fun in living your imagination!

LABEL: Endless Jewelry 
* Endless Jewelry is a Danish brand. The name Endless conveniently explains the possibilities of the interchangeable and collectable designs, allowing  for the creation of custom pieces while offering women a way to personalise their jewellery by mixing and matching classic and modern charms with their choice of colour in a simple yet unique way.

R 815.00